The facilities a school offers has a sound effect on teachers, parents and students outcomes. Bearing this in mind Modern facilities are responsive to changing times and the various styles of educational delivery. We aim to provide facilities that are an important part of developmental learning, comfortable and safe for students.
Our school offers a lot of facilities keeping in view the requirements of modern era and developing minds.

Regular checks and inspections are carried out and new techniques and material is used to ensure that our students have the best that is available in present times.

Laboratory –In our school we have all the laboratories for different subjects i.e. BIOLOGY; CHEMISTRY; DRAWING. The students feel comfortable in the provided good environment.
All The Labs are well equipped with all kind of materials. Labs are spacious and ventilated. Students spent quality time in the lab during experiments and practical works to sharpen their knowledge.

Libraries: – It is a place from where we can get the information about any topic. It consist of Encyclopedias; study books, newspapers which give latest knowledge about the world.
It is a peaceful area where we can sit and study.
Library includes different categories of books such as Moral values books, General Books, Text books, Reference books.
The library plays an important role in student’s growth and inculcating the values among students. Its peaceful setting provides new dimensions of concentration to the students.

Medical facilities:- Our school has better medical facilities. A ventilated dispensary with all the up to date medicines and expert medical practitioner to took care of the students when needed by them.
Keeping in view the students health and growth, timely health care seminars and regular checkup of students is done to fulfill their medical needs with liaison with parents.